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Bauhaus-Universität Weimar Interface Design Group

Interface Design 4

Conceptual and practical Methods of Art & Design are applied to research questions in the area of human-computer interaction in architectural and urban settings. Concepts for interactive and tangible devices, spaces and applications will be developed. Prototypes showing the functionality of these concepts will be realized and discussed in the course.

The focus of the project will be on how we can use emerging technologies in the fields of printed organic electronics and 3D-MID technologies to develop new services for the digital world and the Internet of Things.

As a starting point we will use the form & function platform “fingies” which was developed by the Interface Design Group. In the first weeks we will get familiar with the platform and build a networked light and sound installation. It is strongly recommended to visit at least one of the accompanying “Fachmodule” of the Interface Design Group.

Current developments in HCI will be introduced. This course is also open for students wishing to perform initial research, and who want to develop concepts for their Master thesis in the next semester.


•    realization of a “fingies” prototype – networked light & sound installation

•    presentation of a project idea for IoT applications

•    active participation in the plenum

•    a minimum of 2 individual consultations


The final project concept has to be presented at the end of the course and has to be realized until the end of the semester.

The realization and documentation of the project are expected online and as a PDF until the end of the semester.