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Bauhaus-Universität Weimar Interface Design Group

Technical Setup of the Fingies Box

The Fingies Box is equipped with an Arduino Yún. Arduino is probably the most popular open-source electronics prototyping platform. A large community of users worldwide develops programs and applications for this microprocessor board and publishes them for others to use. The Arduino Yún is equipped with an ATmega32u4 microprocessor and an Atheros AR9331 - that runs a Linux system. With the WLAN module onboard it offers a powerful, networked computer - almost everything we wanted for our Fingies.

For allowing the Arduino Yún to talk to printed electronics cards and to work as a standalone device we developed a shield that is plugged into the existing Arduino pins. Powerful magnets connect our shield to the printed electronics cards.


  • Microcontroller board Arduino Yún (including Linux platform, Wifi, auto. battery charger)
  • Printed electronic sensors
  • Realtime socket server on node runtime