Fingies Landingpage
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar Interface Design Group

How to work with Fingies

There are several options to work with our platform. The easiest way is to play around with the pre-configured set of our Fingies Box and the accompanying printed electronics cards to develop first applications. We hope to provide easy to use tutorials soon.

When you are more advanced you can develop your own printed electronic cards or other objects that can connect to our box. You will then also need to work on the Arduino Code. But as mentioned before there is a huge global community of Arduino programmers to help you with that.

You can also develop Websites, Mobile Apps or other Webservices that communicate with other Fingies in this world.

If this is not enough - we will also make the Server publicly available in the future and you will be able to write your own server applications.

Future Work – we need partners!

Currently we are looking for partners who want to support us in developing the Fingies framework for specific applications. Work on the improvement of the webservice and hardware components is already ongoing.