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Bauhaus-Universität Weimar Interface Design Group

About Fingies

Fingies were developed as a tool for designers, artists, computer scientists and engineers. We wanted to give them an easy to use prototyping tool for experimenting quickly with Internet of Things Applications. Fingies offer the possibility to develop hybrid systems with printed electronics and conventional electronics.

Very quickly we discovered that it will be fun to experiment with the Fingies platform in many different ways and to develop applications for local and global network applications ranging from games, art and design projects to more serious applications for monitoring environmental or health related parameters, logistics, etc.


  • Prototyping platform combines printed electronics with different sensors and actuators from traditional and printed electronics
  • Microcontroller board connected to 2 printed circuit cards for detecting environmental parameters 
  • Platforms communicate with each other or with smartphone via a real-time Cloudserver


What are Fingies (PDF)