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Bauhaus-Universität Weimar Interface Design Group


More than a Rapid Prototyping Platform for Internet of Things Applications.

Fingies is the name of a new framework consisting of a webserver, an online administration tool and last but not least the central Fingies hardware component. It connects the world of printed electronics to the Arduino platform, the Internet and last but not least to your smartphones.

The Fingies box comes with several pre-manufactured printed electronics cards with sensors (touch, light, temperature, …) and actors (led, loudspeaker, motor, …) that connect to our Arduino shield with Nd super-magnets.

The Fingies sensor cards communicate sensor data via WiFi / Internet to actor cards of other boxes, web and smartphone apps– they can stay in touch with your laptop, smartphone or other Internet capable devices no matter where they are.


Watch the Introduction Clip

Future Work – we need partners!

Currently we are looking for partners who want to support us in developing the Fingies framework for specific applications. Work on the improvement of the webservice and hardware components is already ongoing. 


Special thanks go to the Baumann Group at Fraunhofer ENAS in Chemnitz where the electronics were printed.